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Would you like beautiful straight teeth?

Quick Straight Teeth™ might be what you're looking for!

Salford Dental Practice offers virtually invisible braces that will have you confidently posing for the cameras in a fraction of the the time “normal” braces used to take.

If the current shape of your teeth have ever made you feel self-conscious or unattractive, then you’ve probably considered braces in the past.

Quick Straight Teeth™ offers you a comfortable and effective way of straightening your teeth, giving you the perfect smile in no time.

QST completely removes four of the biggest factors that prevent patients seeking orthodontic treatment for the straight teeth they’ve always wanted.

Four Benefits of Quick Straight Teeth Technology

Looks Great

QST brackets are specially designed to be the same colour as your teeth so they won't stand out like normal braces. They are so good, people will rarely notice you're wearing them until you mention it, if you do!


You want your teeth straightening experience to be as easy as possible, right? Of course you do. That's why we've designed our braces to be non-invasive. After a couple of days you'll barely notice that you're wearing them!

Surprisingly Fast

You don't have to wait forever get the smile of your dreams! The old fashioned way can take up to two years, but our new technology can have you done and dusted within 24 weeks, depending on the current shape of your teeth.


Thanks to advances in dental technology, these new braces now cost a tiny fraction of what you'd expect. Not only are they are easy to make, but you'll also spend less time at the dentist...and these savings are passed on to you!

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